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Do you fret about the tax man,do accounts make you depressed?

Are your receipts all in a muddle - even though you’ve done your best

Do you hate completing Tax Returns - just one more tedious task?

Is double entry, perhaps, a concept, that you’ve just no wish to grasp?

If you panic at your year end; always do things in a hurry,

As your accountant, I can help you; I can take away your worry,

I’m light hearted, but so serious, about the service I provide,

I’ve passed all my exams as well, I’m fully certified(!)

I’m approachable and friendly, you can talk to me at length,

I’ll deal with all your figures whilst you play to all your strengths

My fees are fixed as well; with bills, you’ll get no nasty shocks,

So if you think that I can help you, I’m Patricia, from FigureFox.

©Jan Jack 2011

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