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Company Secretarial - £65 per annum

We can look after all the requirements of Companies House and make sure you are up to date and don’t miss any deadlines.

Incorporation - £100 one off cost

For one fee we can get your company registered and sort out all of the set up paperwork.

P11d preparation - £25 per P11d

We can ensure you have your P11d dispensation so that there is only a requirement to submit the relevant information to HMRC.

Register as self-employed – FREE

If you feel unable to contact hmrc yourself we can do it on your behalf.

Register for VAT with hmrc - FREE

When the time is right for your business we can process the VAT registration for you.

Apply to join VAT schemes – FREE

We will assess which VAT scheme is appropriate for your business and apply on your behalf.


We can help with your bookkeeping by either showing you the best practice or doing it for you.

VAT returns

We can show you how to prepare your VAT returns, or even do it for you.

Independent Examination for charities.

We can independently examine charities with an annual turnover of up to £500,000

Register PAYE scheme with hmrc - FREE

We can easily get a PAYE scheme registered if necessary.

P11d dispensation application – FREE

If no dispensation for P11ds in place we can apply for it on your behalf.

Register for Corporation tax – FREE

Just another form for us to complete on your behalf.

Timetable of deadlines – FREE

This will help you plan your year, and worry less about missing any deadlines.

Unlimited telephone and email support – FREE

We like the fact that our clients feel comfortable just calling us for advice on business matters. It helps us know what’s going on so we can advise.
Accounts preparation for the self-employed, partnerships, Limited Companies and Charities.

We can prepare accounts for all of these organisations.

Tax returns for individuals, partnerships and Limited Companies

We can prepare tax returns for all of these organisations.


We can provide a simple payroll for director/shareholders. This would include a spreadsheet of payments and dates, as well as the year end and P35s, P60s etc.

If you have employees we can provide payrolls on a weekly or monthly basis which would include payslips, reports and the year end P35s, P60s etc.

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